Formally trained in poetry and non-fiction at Hope College, Meridith loves finding the heart of a story, then whittling words until she tells it just so. She's been putting words on paper as long as she remembers.

It’s not just pictures — Meridith has an undergraduate degree in creative writing from Hope College, and has authored feature stories for lifestyle and regional publications for over a decade. Her bylines include TheMillions.com, Lynchburg Living magazine, the Lakeshore Press (Grand Rapids Press), and more. 

She can quickly churn out a news brief with the best of them, but she especially loves assignments that allow her to dig into a topic and write longform non-fiction. Her writing voice is warm and compelling, and she’d love to work with you on your next feature assignment.


Let me write your about and your “why!” – we’ll meet together to capture your vision, and I will create compelling copy that captures your new business and your personality so you can attract your ideal client! Includes copy for your About page, three blog posts telling your launch story, and one media pitch template. 



You’ve got a story but just aren’t sure how to start. Or, you’ve got an idea but you don’t know if anyone will read it. Let me help. We’ll meet over coffee and you’ll tell me your ideas. I’ll help you whittle them down to 1-3 blog posts, give you an opening line and title, and set you up to tell your best story. Session includes one round of editing!



Editors and creative directors compliment Meridith's ability to quickly find the heart of the story and tell it with graceful and compelling writing. Topics she's covered in the past include travel, food & restaurant reviews, parenting small children, and the struggles of watching a loved one fade into Alzheimer's. 



You have an idea for a magazine story or blog feature, but no where to go with it! This service is a hybrid of writing and PR services. Perfect for your business launch, rebranding announcement, anniversary or milestone, or just something really cool and unique that you think people should know about! 
We’ll meet to go over your idea, and together we’ll draft a media pitch. I will submit it to my network of several dozen local and regional publications, plus I’ll find a few niche blogs or publications that might be a perfect fit for your story. 

While I can’t guarantee coverage, in my experience that most well-crafted pitches should receive at least one publication, if not more.